My fiance (now wife) and I wanted a civil ceremony with a little bit of Jewish tradition included, and Rabbi Sara gave us exactly what we were looking for! We had interviewed a couple other officiants before meeting with Rabbi Sara, and the level of professionalism and warmth exhibited to us right away made us certain that she was the right officiant for us. After our first meeting with Rabbi Sara, my wife said “she just felt like a great big hug!” and I seconded that emotion.

Rabbi Sara was very attentive to our requests and tailored our ceremony perfectly. I was raised Jewish but I am no longer observant in the faith, so we did not want to include any hebrew blessings/prayers, but did want to include some of the traditions to honor my heritage.

She gave us the opportunity to write our own “story” of how we met, our courtship, and my proposal. It was a major part of the ceremony, especially since we asked her to exclude any blessings or anything overtly religious. Her “performance” was perfect and she got great laughs out of our guests in all the right places. She also provided us with a binder of our ceremony “script” as a keepsake. Nice touch!

Lastly, her fee was very reasonable for the services provided. We cannot recommend Rabbi Sara enough! Several of the guests commented on what a perfect ceremony it was, that it was very “us”.

Rabbi Sara, thank you for the perfect wedding ceremony!

– Billy